Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Memory Stone (Week 2: April 2)

This morning we had our first rehearsal with the entire orchestra. This is always a nerve-wracking experience for a composer. I know in my head how it should sound like, and yet it never goes as smoothly during the first run through. Maestro Tim Meyers however, quickly made focused comments that started to being the ensemble together. It was fasncinating to observe his coaching techniques. In the afternoon, we managed to do a staged run through of the opera. Matthew stopped here and there provide focused instruction, but we are now managing to run much longer sections of the work without stopping. Tomorrow Matthew has promised that we will run through the opera without stopping to see where we stand.
Shakuhachi performer David Wheeler

Koto performer Yumi Kurosawa
Tim Myers conducting the ensemble

Rei and Hana transformed

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