Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Memory Stone (Week 1: March 28)

Today Kenny and I were invited to give a talk at the University of Houston Moore School of Music. We returned in the afternoon session to discovover that Matthew had made it all the way through to Scene 5: "This is what happens when you stray...". The staging for Scene 4: "Twenty years ago..." featuring the love duet between The Man and Hana is simply sublime.  There is such an element of richness to this work that I hardly even recognized existed until I saw it staged. Notice the staging below. The Man and Hana are remembering the precious time they spent twenty years ago while singing "You were in my arms, I was in your arms..." While they are physically close and their sentiment towards each other is expressed through the music, they are not touching. Such detail!
"You were in my arms, I was in your arms, You were in my arms, I was in your arms..."
Music staff Eiki Isomura and music director Tim Myers

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